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Staff Field Adjusters and especially Independent Adjusters have been being faded out for some time. You know, the ones who actually understood some of the chaos. That will accelerate in one of the main proving grounds. Florida. 


July 24-28, 2023

3792 Tamiami Trail

Port Charlotte, Florida 33952


There are 'seasons' for everything. The one for Staff and Independent Adjusters who do not work at a desk, is nearing it's useful life for carriers. They were only using them as a means to an end that benefitted them. When that ability is removed, or shifted, and those folks can no longer be 'manipulated' after the fact... they are no longer useful. 


You will see ladder assit, of some sort or another, who does zero reports. Merely takes photos. Does not mark, identify... or discuss. Zero Accountability... 


Writing has been on the wall for years. Folks just weren't paying attention.


We were. 


We built you all place to come, learn... unlearn... what has been taught and done, for a very long time. A place you can actually find work, have support, and get to... always tell the truth. Ask anyone who has come in the last 4 years. There is a movement... truth is coming out, and as it turns out, being called the dark side, works like any other projectionism. Accusing you of being what they are... Why? They can never fathom it could be done without cheating, because they... could not. 


Come on home, where you belong.


Typical Curriculum 

Insurer Accountability Act will usher in Zero Accountability

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