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About Public Adjuster Boot Camp...

Cal Spoon 

Licensed Public Insurance Adjuster

Melanie Spoon 

Licensed Public Insurance Adjuster

Shaun Hodge

Attorney at Law

When I first heard the term Public Adjuster… I thought I was dreaming. I had been fighting insurance carriers in one way or another for the majority of my life. As is with most things, I had been doing it wrong.

I had been attempting to fight the carriers, then complete the work for the insured as a General Contractor. This is probably one of the worst scenarios imaginable for all but your insurance carrier, who wins every time. There is an inherent conflict when you are the contractor as well as the Public Adjuster, so much so, that the majority of states who license Public Adjusters, strictly prohibit one from doing the other on any claim…

Someone forgot to tell the carriers, every pun intended.

For several years prior to learning the existence of a Public Adjuster, we were Premier Service Providers for State Farm. This program, and any like it, now appear to be illegal. You are tasked with doing exactly as the law prohibits… Adjusting the claim, then completing the repairs. Why is this bad? Let me explain:


Your insurance company is the holder of their own purse strings… dictating what and when they will pay… (This happened often prior to being licensed… turns out, there are laws that dictate that for them. 😉 )

The contractor becomes involved… The insurance company, by default, normally pays less than half of what they owe, leaving the contractor to BEG for more. This creates multiple problems. The most glaring, if there was only half a payment to begin with, how will the contractor do the job properly, and make a profit? They can’t. I have had many claim otherwise, however, when you begin to count the costs, the items not completed, the inferior products and inferior workmanship, these claims never hold up, in fact, when one is honest, they find they lose money on every claim or… harm the insured in order to do so… Hence the conflict. Once the contractor is involved, they are no different than the insurance company in the fact that they now have control of the purse strings, and can manipulate costs to suit them, with no knowledge to the insured. How many of them do you believe will choose YOU over their profit? About as many as there are insures who would do the same. A handful, and that is stretching it.

As you can see, neither of these scenarios are optimum for the insured, who without… none of this would be happening in the first place.

So I heard the term… Licensed Public Adjuster… Gave me chill bumps then just  as it does now.

Someone who works strictly for the insured.

#ProtectTheInsured.. What a novel concept.

Turns out, there were no schools and only a single book for your state exam.

We were on our own. Against the largest, most greedy corporations in the world. Your insurance company.

We set out on a path to become the best we possibly could. In that endeavor, it became clear that structure, tools, knowledge… all the things necessary to be successful, were nowhere to be found.

We began to build them.

  • Databases

  • Websites with Optimum Information

  • Social Media Across all Platforms

  • Groups and Forums

  • Attorney Referral Systems

  • Claims Management Protocols

  • Processes

  • Networks


What you will find here, are the answers. In the form of REAL WORLD training.

Cal Spoon

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