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2. DO NOT Admit Fault, or Discuss the Accident with ANYONE but State Farm, or Police.


Do you understand what this means? If you admit fault, by saying… “I ran that red light, and it was my fault.” You have potentially breached the contract between you and them, and they can void coverage…


Why in the world would they put in their contract that being honest would void the policy? Why wouldn't they include your attorney? It almost looks... as if... they have the ability to keep you from talking to them... they don't.


Simple. They were never looking for "honesty", or the “right thing” … They were looking at business decisions.


This means none of your claims, home or auto… or any others for that matter, are paid based upon honesty and the right thing. They are paid on what the least amount the one who owes can get away with. If they can void the coverage all together… even better.


Fact is, they have zero duty to prove to you they owe you, and anything they would have owed you as incentive… Not to pay. They have ‘PROCEDURALLY’ conditioned you… us… to believe different than common sense would tell us. It is an inherent conflict of interest for the one who owes, to decide if, and how much. Why they tell you not to admit fault… you are not nearly as good at it. (Protecting you protects them, agreed. And that is my point here. In this instance you and the insurance company are allies against a possible liability suit among other things.

On your home,