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Schedule says 40 hours... I am not aware of a single camp, in 5 years, that did not go well over that time period. Why? Engagement. How we teach. We do not move forward until the whole class can move forward. This means we discuss and debate until understanding is had, while still covering the same material. It takes what it takes, and we are often in camp from 8 am to 8 pm... Even at 8 pm, after a grueling day(s), very few want to leave. Sponges, soaking up every available moment. We don't typically do breaks, except for lunch. Not once, to my knowledge, has anyone complained. I think this singular thing, of many, speaks volumes. Adult, professional, Alphas... (Alpha is gender neutral, it is a trait.)  All staying in one place, using their brains, being challenged... for over 40 straight hours... willingly. 


Camaraderie... Lifelong relationships are FORGED during that week. Relationships that will elevate everything about your business life, as well as enhancing your personal lives by the inclusion of these other... "LIKE MINDED FOLKS". Folks who want to learn to be the best of the best. 


Boot Camp is the most apt thing to call it. It checks all the boxes. 


Roofers/Contractors/IA/Staff Adjusters/PIA/Attorneys/Appraisers, this class IS for YOU.


You need to know how an insurance claim REALLY works. From the start to the finish, and everything in between... regardless of what your current title is. I would estimate that at least half of all graduates were/are contractors. Many of those have left reviews, link below. If you deal in insurance claims at any level, then here is where it all changes, and goes back to the rules. May not like them, but once you understand them, it changes everything... for the better. 



While the name is 'Public Adjuster Boot Camp'... the lessons are for ANYONE who performs on an insurance claim.


We are heading into our 5th year. 


Find the reviews of what all of your colleagues who have attended say here: PABC Reviews


When the process is understood, EVERYONE can pick a lane, and stay right there in it, where they are safe, and able to earn today, tomorrow, and well into the future. 


This means that every insured you touch, will realize that safety and confidence you have earned.


Education and consistency is the key, and we have gotten pretty good at it over the last 4 years. 


June 3-7, 2024 8am-5pm

902 51st Street

Galveston, Texas 77551


If financing is the issue, it is not. Contact me directly. Here on the messenger, Facebook, email.

We also sponsor one veteran per camp. Full ride. 


Typical Curriculum 


Cal Spoon

Insurance Claim Education Engaged, in every sense of the word...

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