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May 15-19, 2023

Mon-Fri 8-5


Notice: This camp only will be back in Galveston. This will occur the week prior to Policyholders Preservation Association of America's Path to Indemnity 2023, held there in Galveston at the San Luis  Resort and Convention Center, held May 24-26, 2023


The only way we can keep from repeating the mistakes of yesterday, is to acknowledge, and correct course, while keeping strict, honest records of what has happened... and how. 


Insurance, and the destruction of the process built to pay claims, is no different.


Until you understand how and why it happened, you will be hard put to correct it, or prevent it.


We have traced it back, and built a process that not only deters it, but corrects it.


Part of it... reading the policy as it was sold, not as intended after the loss...


Read the reviews, from folks you know, and many you don't. They all, save for the 5 star forex, agree... the course changes the course, and removes many of the barriers to coverage that only exist... in your and the carrier's mind, but in fact or policy...



Syntax Error: History is important, above all else. Tells us where we failed.

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