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The one who owes you, has zero duty to prove to themselves that they owe you, and even less incentive...


There lies an inherent conflict of interest in sending the person who owes, the Insurance Company, to tell who they owe, the Insured... IF they owe, and HOW MUCH? 


How clever do you have to be to convince the world that the lie is not only the truth... but the only truth?


Very clever. 


We unwrap the whole thing, and put it in a process. 


You don't succeed with silver bullets, you succeed with process.



Arguing with an insurance carrier is like arguing with a toddler, and yields the exact same result, for the very same reason. There is zero ability to process logic based on sending the guy who owes, to determine if, and how much. The entire thing defies logic, as well as the contracts entered into by the parties. Seems only one ever understands... The one who wrote it. You... we... can change that.


September 11-15, 2023

902 51st Street

Galveston, Texas 77551


What does that mean? 


It means if you are a Roofer, Contractor, Appraiser, Public Insurance Adjuster, Staff/Independent Adjuster, or anyone who HAS to process insurance claims in some form to get paid... should attend. Read any of the reviews over the last 4 years.


Fighting back is reactionary... Your business should not be reactionary. It must be PROACTIVE in a process that does not retaliate, simply executes the proven battle plan. 


Is it easy... actually, yes. Once you understand that your performance should be done prior to the carrier ever choosing to "fight". 


We teach that, and luckily, this one is back at home.



Typical Curriculum 

The one who owes you, has zero duty to prove to themselves that they owe you...

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