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UPPA - Clear and Present Danger

UPPA - Clear and Present Danger, what you don't know... can be used against you, your company, and your livelihood. 


While the name is 'Public Adjuster Boot Camp'... the lessons are for ANYONE who performs on an insurance claim.


When the process is understood, EVERYONE can pick a lane, and stay right there in it, where they are safe, and able to earn today, tomorrow, and well into the future. 


This means that every insured you touch, will realize that safety and confidence you have earned.


Education and consistency is the key, and we have gotten pretty good at it over the last 4 years. 


December 4-8, 2023 8am-5pm

902 51st Street

Galveston, Texas 77551


If financing is the issue, it is not. Contact me directly. Here on the messenger, Facebook, email.

We also sponsor one veteran per camp. Full ride. 


Typical Curriculum 


Cal Spoon

UPPA - Clear and Present Danger

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